Stephen Harper, and Canadian Science: why we are famous

Canada is now famous. There is an article quoted in Nature concerning a survey of Canadian scientists.

Ninety percent feel that they cannot speak freely to the media about their work. Thirty-seven percent had been blocked from answering media requests in the last five years. You can find this in here.

(Although I have access to Nature, I can not find the article there – their search engine is incompetent. Sorry. The survey included over 4,000 scientists in 40 government agencies. From the above hotlink you can see the graph but not the text that confirms this paragraph. Sorry.)

Canada is now famous. There is another article in Nature about Diane Orihel, who risked her academic career to stave off the government’s shut down of the unique Experimental Lakes Area. You can find this, in Nature, here.

Canada is now famous. Our government, under Stephen Harper, with the ‘co-operation’ of Jim Flaherty (must one be a yes-man to keep a ministry?) has put through, as a budget bill, some seventy changes to environmental law. One pointer to this can be found here.

Canadian science, and especially Canadian environmental science, are under attack. The person of interest here is Stephen Harper.

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