Kathleen Wynne Jogs – Ford

I was going to do a sarcastic post implying that Kathleen Wynne endorsed the Scarborough subway to get votes, and that she ‘jogs’ rather than have a consistent opinion.

Thanks to the bounty of the internet, I need not do that. Here you will find these words:

Wynne’s move was as much calculus as conciliation. She needed Ford to do her bidding on a key file—namely getting council to approve a subway for Scarborough, which she wanted in advance of the August by-elections. She also proceeded to slap Ford around a bit on other files, the better to buttress her credibility outside Toronto.

As I said, she likes to jog. As for sarcasm, (or weird humour,) again the bounty of the internet makes that unnecessary for me. Here you will find a video that uses a Rob Ford-like actor, in parallel with the real Wynne video about jogging.

I think they both look a bit silly. Comments, anyone?

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