Calling all Spam Experts: I need help, clearly.

What do these IP addresses have in common?

In the space of 21 minutes, seven for the first five, they all did similar ‘comments’ on this website, all on the Welcome page, all of the same format: a one-line copy of text from the page, a gobbledygook author, and a gobbledygook URL.

The IP addresses are at, in order: APNIC-27 APNIC-AP APNIC-223 APNIC-60 93-RIPE APNIC-120

The second last one appears to be in Russia. The others are all, roughly, Asia-Pacific.

I have been given a TOR list of IPs that can reach mine. These seem not to be in that list.

Now for the dumb question: How does a set of very similar comment-posts get sent to a website over a short period of time from a wide range of IP addresses?

Any answers, post them here, please. Thanks in advance.

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