Kathleen Wynne and VQA Wines

It is possible to accuse Ms. Wynne of toadying to Scarborough, giving them a ‘stubway’ that will cost every homeowner in Toronto some $1200 and need to be heavily subsidized forever. It is possible to lay the accusation that this disastrous, imho, decision was taken to win a by-election in, well, Scarborough.

It appears that the lessons of the McGuinty government have already been forgotten: Cancel a gas-fired power plant to save four seats, and it becomes a habit; you next cancel one to save one seat. Mr. McGuinty then decided to take some of the heat with him and leave politics.

Now Ms. Wynne has a by-election coming up in Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is in the part of Ontario that makes wine, among other things. So Ms. Wynne proposes to allow local VQA wines to be sold at farmers’ markets. You can find an article at theSpec here.

I’ll give you a quote to scan down for:

Liberal Kim Craitor paved the way for a byelection in Niagara Falls when he resigned his seat in September after a decade in provincial politics.

Wynne, who has yet to call the byelection, announced later in the day that city councillor Joyce Morocco would be the Liberal candidate.

The Liberals say their wine and grape plan, launched in 2009, also includes a fund to purchase specialized equipment and machinery, as well as better local and global marketing for wines.

It also includes a wine secretariat — led by Wynne and veteran cabinet minister Jim Bradley — to reduce red tape and help grape growers and wineries be more competitive, the government said. 

Now for the dumb question: Do you believe this decision was made with no consideration for the by-election?

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