Rules, sort of

This blog is powered by WordPress. You are encouraged to respond or reply to anything on which you have an opinion or comment. All responses must be approved by the blogmeister.

When you respond to a post, the site will ask for your eMail. That will be kept private. If you expect to get your content onto my blog, you should be willing to provide me with your real eMail address. Again, it will not be disclosed by me unless you deliberately add it to your own text. So don’t do that, just give the website an eMail that works. I will test it.

Essentially any reply with content in it will be approved. You don’t have to agree with me. You only have to have something to say. Even better if you say it well. However, if your comment has atrocious spelling errors in it, I may suspect you are typing faster than you can think clearly, and wait for a more coherent response from you.

Inarticulate posts that look like machine-generated pseudo-comment will be ignored. Sorry. Posts that have no recognizable words in them will also be ignored.

Very terse responses may have a test message sent to the indicated eMail. If that bounces, your response will not be approved. Sorry.

You may find, rarely, that your words have been slightly altered. I will generally soften what I think could be cause for a libel suit against you, but you are not guaranteed that I will do this or do it correctly.

You may find that your words have been !@#’d out. Again, you are not guaranteed that I will do this or do it correctly. However, I will allow the “force” of your comment to be deducible.

If you don’t like my editing (which I have done only once so far, and nobody noticed) you are free to comment back. I will probably permit that too. We are all adults here, and will be treated as such. I use bad words, but avoid them here. Same with grounds for libel.


If your post appears to be mostly a pointer to yourself, I will delete it. If your post is mostly a pointer to a commercial site trying to sell me something, I will delete it. SEO specialists can stop applying. SEO specialists can stop applying. Please.

If your post disappears, it is due to the above. Feel free to comment back, especially if you feel you’ve been wronged or misunderstood.

Thanks for your attention.

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