French ‘modesty’ and the Burkini

This is silly. France banned the burqa some five years ago. Several French towns have now banned the burkini.

Here is one website whose video shows the arrest of a Muslim woman for wearing a burkini. This on a beach full of bikinis.

Amazingly, they forced the woman to remove some of her clothing. The French idea of modesty is mind-blowing.

If it’s illegal for a woman to be fully covered on a beach, what are the cops doing wearing their gunbelts?

Apparently, the French idea of ‘a good Muslim woman’ is a bit weird. Here‘s another article you’ll enjoy.

French tolerance seems to be evaporating. It took a court ruling to strike down the burkini ban.

I’d like to see a demonstration which lures fully riot-equipped police onto a beach. Then I’d like to see them demanded to remove their helmets, shields, boots, and strip down to what’s accepted beach wear, if you’re a Muslim woman.

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