Edward Keenan, John Tory, and more – on negotiation

Another ‘Tory Sale.’

John Tory says the TTC can miraculously increase service on a decreased budget. In asking the TTC to make cuts, he noted to the effect that, he’d been successful in negotiating budget cuts with the Toronto Police Force.
Those who paid attention might have noticed that the latter agreement is for a freeze that has not happened yet in the police budget. They may also have noted that the previous request for a freeze was met with a budget increase that our Mayor, John Tory, approved.

So much for that negotiation. I hope the TTC wins the next one. We need their funding.

This is the same mayor who ‘announced’ a park to be built over the railway lines south of Front Street. Before finding out what the air space rights would cost. But he knows how nice the park will be.
Of course, having tipped his hand, the city will be in a fine bargaining position to get these rights cheap. And, nobody knows who is going to pay for the park itself, either.

So much for that negotiation.

I am reminded that the previous attempt to parkify the space over the rail tracks involved a casino. Oddly enough, casino negotiations are underway now, and (if I believe the Toronto Star today) the companies bidding may be able to change two of the three specific, designated  locations, once they get approval to proceed.

That may not even require negotiation from the city, if we give them the terms they want now.

What about Edward Keenan, you say? He labels John Tory ‘the King of Compromise’.

Today’s Toronto Star has an article by Edward Keenan on John Tory and his negotiating prowess. He may have a few kind words to say, but most of this message is pretty critical.

Here’s just one paragraph. Read the full article for some fun at our mayor’s expense(s).

Like maintaining his pledge to freeze property taxes while also vowing to introduce a new source of taxes. Like moving to the wildly more expensive “hybrid” Gardiner project that seeks both to please those who wanted the highway maintained and those who wanted a new grand boulevard built where it now stands. Like announcing he won’t bid for the Olympics at the same event where he announced he expects the Olympics to come some day, and launched a task force to study making such bids. Like introducing a tax levy for city building in the same speech he froze spending on conferences and stationery.

If you’ve followed other ‘Tory Sale’ posts here, you know I am no longer a fan of our current mayor.
This is really sad. I miss Rob Ford. No wise ‘cracks’ here, please. However much one might disagree with, or disrespect, our previous mayor, he did get things done. I might have disliked many of his decisions, but at least I knew what they were, and they actually were clear decisions.

Subways, subways, subways – used to drive me nuts, nuts, nuts. But that got more done than photo-op, credit-take, double-talk – which, imho, is what Torontonians are getting now.

For those of you who enjoy, or like detesting, my dumb questions, here are two.

What would Toronto be like now, if Olivia Chow had won the race to become mayor?

Compromise might sound nice, but compromised does not. After all the compromising, are the outcomes rather compromised?

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