Lenin’s Law, and advice Hitler took

This is really about Donald Trump, person of interest. Person of special interests.

Lenin’s law is about understanding any unusual event, generally political. The construction or destruction of a law, or a government, or a country.

To understand what caused a surprise result, Lenin said, see who benefited from it.

Trump and his family clearly will benefit from his electoral victory in the United States of America. So will Goldman Sachs and other financial institutions, as Dodd-Frank is attacked. So will Big Oil as environmental protections are gutted. We may even see Big Coal come back to life.

I could make a case that Russia, and Vladimir Putin, will benefit. Saudi Arabia will benefit from the executive order attack on seven Muslim countries.

Apparently is was not Hitler, but one of his advisors, who came up with this strategy for misinforming the public:

Tell a lie. Tell a Big lie. Tell it over and over and over. The bigger the lie, the more the public will think it must be true, or you wouldn’t have said it.

I’ll settle for pointing out the silly argument about the size of the inauguration crowd. I doubt anyone reading this blog is unaware of the unceasing Twitter-shouts from the Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful weapons collection in the world.

Much of what he tweets is outrageous; the Toronto Star has counted the fibs in a few newspaper articles (that would be funny if it weren’t for the office held by the tweeter.)

I have the sad feeling that far too many people will believe far too much of what Trump tweets as fact.

Meanwhile Lenin must be smiling in his grave.

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