Daffynitions (Daffy Definitions)

None of this should be taken seriously. Here are some tongue-in-cheek definitions.

  • apPOTUS: Apprentice of the United States. It’s reality, not just a reality show now.
  • Voter’s Fraud: see above. He said the election was rigged. Repeatedly.
  • 4th Grade Recess: a time and place where verbal bullying wasn’t done by the leader of the country, only by the leader of a gang.
  • Hamerican. Someone proudly American, except one’s own image comes first.
  • Holding the Bully’s Coat. This is a book title. Look it up. Linda McQuaig.
  • Denying existence of a bath robe. Look this one up too.
  • Snap Judgement: One that bites the heads off sources of disagreement.
  • Executive Disorder: Figure this one out for yourself.
  • Safe Third Country. After condom imports from Asia and Europe are banned, Americans will need to buy them from Mexico and Canada. Nothing to do with refugees.

Never mind any the above. They are only suggestions, not even alternative facts.

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