Definitions for Visitors to England

Here are some common words that mean very different things on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Since the British had the language first, we should be aware of their usages and at least tolerate their archaic spellings. Here goes:

  • bin lorry       = garbage truck
  • lift                = elevator
  • boot            = car trunk
  • roundabout = traffic circle
  • row             = dispute
  • delay          = traffic jam
  • flyover        = cloverleaf ramp

I feel sorry for the UK citizens who voted, oh so just barely, for Brexit. I note that the politicians who were gung-ho, lets’-go, all backed away from managing the real work and difficulty caused by their triumph. They pretty much all quit. Leaving Theresa May as the one holding the bag and trying to make things work out, somehow.

A simple referendum took a flyover with a roundabout row that should have stayed in the boot like a bald spare tyre. No delay; Brexit will lift our economy. Or put it out to wait for the bin lorry.

This is posted under Just for Laughs, but it’s not really funny. Sorry.

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