Physics Question

The electromagnetic force works at all distances. Here’s something I’d like to have explained.

This page (there are lots) explains that, say, two electrons, will repel each other, and change course, by exchanging a photon.

I have two electrons whose trajectories are antiparallel. Their mutual repulsion will bend their trajectories, especially at closest approach.

No matter how far apart the electrons are.

My electrons are one light year apart. Now for the tough / dumb questions:

  • Are the photons emitted simultaneously? If so, is this action at a distance communicating faster than light?
  • It takes a year for each photon to reach its target. Does it ‘aim ahead?’
  • The (vector) energy change of each electron is small, so the photons must carry very little energy. How large is their equivalent wavelength?

Serious (or really funny) answers only, please.

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