How Blog Posts Work (sometimes)

Assume you post to my blog, make sense, tell the blog an eMail that looks real (and checks out), then what happens?

My blog sends me an eMail informing me of your comment. I look at it, maybe test the eMail, and approve it.

Your comment will not show up until I review it as above.

Some blogs automatically  apply comments; some use algorithms to decide to apply comments, some use add-ons to try to detect spam. So other blogs may approve or deny your comment without human intervention.

I always intervene, and am human.

Some comments are sensible. About 120 have been approved and are visible here. The blog goes backward in time to when it was created (long ago, when the world was young and the rocks were still cooling.)

Many comments are not sensible. Some are in characters other than this alphabet. A few have been pornographic. (Apparently mentioning Donald Trump and ‘tongue in cheek’ was enough to provoke this.) Most are boringly familiar. For example:

  • I can make money working from home. The amounts vary.
  • My blog needs SEO tool help.
  • Weird lists of car insurance in the USA from a provider in the EU.
  • Clearly self-promoting. Jewellery, Viagra, clothing lines.
  • Badly written, likely synonym-replacer generated, pidgin English.

What I do depends on my level of annoyance with the sender. I have done the following:

  • Used a tool at my ISP to prevent entire address ranges from seeing my blog. Much of China is blocked out this way. Entire ISPs.
  • Found the commenter’s ISP and formally complained. A few users have vanished, likely cut off (until they find another ISP or identity.)
  • Other actions. (I’m not disclosing any more. Be surprised, eh?)

So, to recap:

  • If you want to comment, give the blog website a real eMail address (that works) and say something with reasonable English. Your eMail will NOT be disclosed.
  • Wait. All decent comments will be approved, and then appear.
  • Don’t bother to spam me. You’re wasting your time, and I’ve gotten really efficient at dumping spam comments.

Do any of you think the above will change my poor-comment-per-day average? That’s the dumb question.

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