Call Display Pricing, and other rants

When we started using call display, it was eight dollars on each of two land lines. It is now something like twelve dollars a line.

Exactly how is this price jump justified? There is zero extra infrastructure involved.

How come we pay extra for touch-tone service? I am tempted to go back to pulse-dial. I am sure that touch-tone speeds up the call, somewhat reducing network load. So Bell should reward us for this, instead of the current penalizing.

If anyone accidentally forgets to use the Yakk prefix, we get charged for the call plus a few bucks for the privilege of using “the network”. How come Yakk can do this for free, at a lower per-call-minute rate?

I guess the dumb question is, are we being shafted by a monopoly? Could such a thing be, with the CRTC protecting us?

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