Laws I learned on the “Mech” project

Paper is not a lubricant.

Inappropriate reuse can be inefficient. The acquisition of an electric pencil sharpener faced the same review process as that for a mainframe disk drive.

Those who can, will be hired later. Major project initiations are marketing efforts.

MicroManagement will be resented. Persistent interference in everyday problem solving and decision making does not help, and does not improve the result.

Large Overdue Overbudget projects resemble each other. Low morale, absenteeism, rising exit rate, and the beginnings of finger-pointing are all common attributes. Marketing types, for whom visibility serves as oxygen, will make themselves obvious, often with finger-pointing.

All major project failures invoke the same top-management reflex: Search for the Guilty, Punish the Innocent, and Promote the Uninvolved.

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